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Donation Time:     July 2014

Name Amount
*Minghui 40 SGD
*Yanhua 10 USD
*晶 16.80 CNY
*宇歆 10 CNY
*雅文 30 CNY
*萱 31 CNY
*光平 10 CNY
*超 60 CNY
*恒强 20 CNY
Cathylily 20 CNY
Hannibal 10 CNY
*丽娜 10 CNY
Foreveryoung 30 CNY
囧兄 10 CNY
*丹荔 50 CNY
*倩倩 20 CNY


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Masakazu Ikeguchi 池口 正和
naomi ito

18/07/2014 • 00:06

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