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  1. This site is so clean and it contains no ads or pop-ups whatsoever. Seems to be non-profit. Why are you doing this?

    I love reading. And I love audiobooks. Partly because the experience of having somebody read something for you is very different from the experience of reading it yourself. Sometimes better, sometimes worse. But it’s always different. (OK, I just quoted Neil Gaiman.) Good audiobooks let you know where the stress goes and what it is meant to sound like. Plus, I love the different voices. It’s nice if someone just settles down and tells you a good story with his wonderful voice.

    And I love sharing good stuff. Especially those that are not very easy to be found on the Internet. I also know something illegal may be going on here. These fantastic audios created by fantastic people deserve much more than just being downloaded and never listened to.

  2. How did you build this?

    Well. Beautiful isn’t it? And quite easy. Anyone who has least experience of web development would have known that I used a WordPress theme (and of course, the name of it). I just added some plugins and custom CSS. I didn’t even do that. Bootstrap did it for me. That being said all I need was a domain name and a web sever. Somehow I figured out the name (Audiocat) which is…pretty stupid. I know.

  3. Where are the audiobooks from? How do you deal with them?

    Hey. I thought we had an agreement. No such kind of sensitive questions. Fine, I admit this is essential. Let’s just say, uh…I collected them from all over the Internet. The Audiobook Bay, the Pirate Bay, Demonoid or anywhere else. I pick books that I am interested in and read them occasionally.

  4. Why is the site all typed in English if most of the visitors are from China?

    Just a whole bunch of reasons. Almost all audiobooks shared here are narrated in English. Although there are some really basic, easy-to-listen-to audiobooks out there, I don’t think most of them are for people who can’t even understand the simple structure and functions of this site, to be honest. Furthermore, an English site makes it less possible to get censored by the Chinese government — they won’t bother. Most importantly, I just love the English fonts, and how they look on the page. Elegant.

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