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The Economist: Book of Obituaries

Book of Obituaries

Lucky Scott raises the already entertaining collection of obituaries to new heights with her lively performance of The Economist: Book of Obituaries. This work is a brilliant collaboration between editors Keith Colquhoun and Ann Wroe, who have compiled a volume of the most noteworthy obituaries that appeared in the English newspaper The Economist, between the years 1994 and 2008.

Looking to give extra context to the last remembrances of a wide range of individuals, Book of Obituaries is well worth a listen. Learn about the lives of famed persons like Princess Diana, Bip, and Hunter Thompson. Or the less well-known, but equally interesting obituaries of an American gangster, a singing psychic, and the inventor of instant noodles.

The obituaries that appear in The Economist are remarkable because of the unpredictable selection of people to be written about, the surprising lives they lead – but also for the style in which the obituary is written. The selection for this book ranges far and wide, including Jean Bedel Bokassa and Pope Jean Paul II, Pamela Harriman and Harry Oppenheimer, Akio Morita and J. K. Galbraith, Jean Baudrillard and Syd Barrett, Estee Lauder and Hunter Thomson, Bip (the legendary mime artist Marcel Marceau) and even Alex the African Grey (science’s best known parrot).

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